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Holistic Health & Wellness

Welcome to Essential Balance!

I am so excited to be incorporating doTERRA's

100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

during my classes, as a very holistic way of enhancing our

regular yoga and meditation practices. doTERRA really is the perfect compliment to any yoga and/or meditation practice, as well as enhancing your life "off the mat".

Best of all, you certainly don't need to be a "yogi"

to experience the amazing health and wellness benefits

that doTERRA brings to Body, Mind and Soul.

Would you love to learn about natural, safe and effective

health solutions and chemical free alternatives

for you and your family?

Book your Complimentary Essential Balance Workshop,

Private Session or Wellness Consult today.

Join us at an informative free session covering all aspects

of Holistic Health and Wellness, including:

* Digestive, Immune, Respiratory & Circulatory Support

* Emotional Well-Being

* Joint, Muscle & Skin Relief

* Cognitive Improvement

* Weight Management

* Chemical Free Cleaning

* Additive Free Cooking

I would love to share the amazing health and wellness benefits,

as well as the wonderful aroma, of doTERRA's 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with you, so that you can experience them for yourself.

These little bottles of love empower you to improve and support your health and well-being in such a holistic way.

doTERRA means "Gift of the Earth"...

and who better than Mother Nature herself to guide us

on our journey towards Holistic Health and Wellness!

Our incredible oils will assist you in creating balance

within all aspects of your life, whilst promoting a

positive feeling of energy, health and well-being.

In doing so, it is my hope that you may also become

better equipped to meet life's challenges with an increased

sense of inner strength and self-confidence.

Essential Balance

Holistic Health & Wellness... Body, Mind & Soul

Visit our New Facebook Page

Yoga Balance is very excited to announce that

we now have a Facebook Page.

Essential Balance will be bringing you various tips, tricks,

give-aways, positive quotes, competitions and information

on all things holistic health and wellness, so will also be

of interest to the non-yogi's amongst us.

We would love it if you could like and share our page

by clicking this link:

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any further questions, or wish to make a booking.

I look forward to hearing from you.